Best Command Builds for all Survivors

This guide tells you what items to get if you are playing with the Command artifact in Risk of Rain 2.

Get 6 x Lens-Maker’s Glasses. Reasoning: 6 x Lens-Maker’s Glasses add 60% to your critical chance.

Get 2 x Predatory Instincts. Reasoning: The first Predatory Instincts the player gets adds 5% to the critical chance. Stacking more predatory instincts will not increase the critical chance. 2 x Predatory Instincts will grant the maximum number of bufs on each critical strike.

Get 1 x Harvester’s Scythe. Your critical chance will be 75%.

Get 1 x Ukulele. Later get 11 x Ukulele. Reasoning: There is a hard cap of 11 x Ukuleles: If you stack more you do not receive additional bonuses.

Get 6 x Paul’s Goat Hoof.

Get 1 x Kjaro’s Band

Get 1 x Runald’s Band

Get 2 x AtG Missile Mk. 1. Reasoning: The AtG Missile Mk. 1. is considered as one of the best scaling on-hit item in the game.

Get 5 x Topaz Broaches. The more HP you have, the more Topaz Broaches you need to maintain the barrier.

Get 10 x Tougher Times. Reasoning: The block chance is computed using hyperbolic scaling with a=0,15 so returns are diminishing. For example 10 items give a 60% block chance, 20 items give a 75% block chance, and 60 items give a 90% block chance, …

Get 1 x Hoopoo Feather (or more, depending on your preference).

Get 1 x Wax Quail (or more, depending on your preference).

Get 1 x Death Mark. Later get 3 x Death Mark. Reasoning: The duration of the debuff for the first stack is 7s, each stack after the first increases the duration by another 7s. No other bonuses increase with when the number of stacks is increased beyond 1. We do think 3 x Death Mark is sufficient as it gives a total debuff duration of 21 seconds which should be more than enough.

Get 1 x Chronobauble. Reasoning: The debuf supports Death Mark. The debuf itself is not very useful as it only reduces movement but not attack speed.

Get 1 x Tri-Tip Dagger. Later get max. 10 x Tri-Tip Daggers. Reasoning: The bleed chance is computed linearly: For example 1 item has a chance of 10% to inflict bleed, 10 items have a chance of 100% to inflict bleed. The bleed debuf supports Death Mark.

Get 1 x Sticky Bomb. Later get max. 20 x Sticky Bombs. Reasoning: The chance to stick a bomb to an enemy is computed linearly: For example 1 item has a chance of 5% to stick, 10 items have a chance of 50% to stick, 20 items have a chance of 100% to stick.

Get 1 x Gasoline.

Get 1 x Will-o-Wisp.

Optional Items

25 x Ghor’s Tome. Reasoning: 25 x Ghor’s Tome gives a nugget drop chance of 100%.

Which stacks to increase

Stack Ukulele to 11 items.

Late game damage will come from Runald’s Band stacks, Kjaro’s Band stacks, and AtG Missile Mk. 1. Stack those in a 1:1:1 ratio.

Stack 20 x sticky bombs if you do not know where to invest.

On kill items like Will-o-Wisp and Gasoline scale linearly both in terms of damage and radius. In late game they may fail to kill and hence fail to cause chain reactions.


Stacks of Razorwire and one Helfire Tincture are the basis of Razorwire builds.





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